Air Conditioning

Rely on a company that meets all of your requirements. We work diligently and thoroughly to ensure your unit(s) are highly operable. From ductless units to central air systems to rooftop units, we are experienced and service all units, delivering you with air conditioning you can rely on.

With C & E Air Conditioning, trust your system to perform up to your standards through the grueling summers. Let us troubleshoot your unit to determine the problem, helping you save on repair costs so you’re completely satisfied.

We’re proud to serve you, keeping your home, business and computer room comfortable through the seasons.  Call us today and schedule air conditioning services from our professionals.

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When you hire C & E Air Conditioning as your heating repair company, we will evaluate your business or home, the heating system and all relevant components in order to work with you on deciding the best course of action. Sometimes, simple-looking repairs can turn into a much more complicated task, and other times your heater might need to be replaced instead. Our team will make suggestions on how to help you achieve maximum savings on not only the services we provide, but on your heating bill as well.

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Maintenance Agreements

An HVAC maintenance agreement from C & E Air Conditioning ensures comfort for your home or office, and can also help you save money. We provide both residential and commercial maintenance agreements.

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Data Centers

C & E Air Conditioning Service has been installing heating, air conditioning and humidity control systems in server rooms throughout North Texas for over 30 years.

Computer room servers run hot and C & E Air has the technology to keep your technology safe! From small server rooms to large data centers, we can help you by providing air conditioning units that deliver air from the walls, behind the ceiling, and even under the floor. We will work with you to design and install a system that is customized specifically for your application.

The most important part of your data center is environment monitoring. Your system must not only keep the room temperature constant, but must also retain just the right humidity level in a room where your computers are pumping out heat 24/7. Whether your computer room is best suited with an air conditioning (CRAC), or air handler (CRAH), our systems are constantly adjusting to keep the room at exactly the proper levels.


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